To Kill a Mockingbird How is Boo Radley shown in the first five chapters of the novel? Boo Radley is shown as the mysterious man of Maycomb county. Scout is curious to know who he is and what he looks like and she hears of bizarre stories which would spread around the town. Jem describes […]

How is identity shown in chapter 16 of to kill a mockingbird Chapter 16 shows the beginning of the court case and describes the environments of the white and black groups and represents the different identity’s of these groups, both living in Maycomb county. Different groups have their own identity’s and would describe each-overs identity’s in […]

Argue Against TV Advertising Picture this, you’re relaxing and watching your weekly instalment of your favourite TV show. The tension is building and you can’t wait to find out what will happen next. You feel your face filling with joy! BUT…There’s an ad break! Spoils all that tension, doesn’t it? This is one of the […]

How are flaws presented in Othello and a range of poetry you have studied? Flaws are presented throughout Othello and a range of Browning poems in many different ways. They use different types of language to Show characters flaws. Many characters behave in unusual ways when their flaws are exploited. I will show these characters […]

Descriptive Writing The Florescent orange lights were populated with the flying insects, stretching their patterned wings as if reaching for freedom, but always becoming a stretch further away. The moths admired the bright flickering of light as they all stared, hypnotised by the artificial illusion of freedom. The light lit the dark void of water […]

Othello 2.3 – How does Iago manipulate Cassio? Iago has mastered the art of deceit and has no boundaries when manipulating people . He seems to plant an idea in anyone’s head and they will believe it.  Iago leads them on and on,  and they are not even being remotely suspicion of his deceitful nature. Through the Play […]

English Homework  How do I feel about the speaker in the Laboratory? The speaker is a very interesting character. She has many strong emotions towards the characters as she is attempted to poison one of them.  She is very self-centred and will do anything in-order to get her way. An example of her selfish thoughts and actions is […]

Response to Article by Isabelle Kerr Isabelle Kerr’s article argues that slang is ruining the English language and new words being added (twerking, selfie and unlike) are pointless and appalling. Kerr is even embarrassed on behalf of her generation. Although she hates that they were added to the online dictionary, she also feels that they […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway